HGTV Design Star: The Budget Sinks A Designer

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HGTV Design Star gives us the final four with a backyard makeover in what looks to be the first for Design Star. While Design Star looks for an Interior Designer, it seems a tad bit unfair to put a time-limit in a backyard design as that is usually a much more time-intensive process than a room. But the challenge goes on and by the end of the night; we will have one less designer to think about.

Host Clive Pearse gather the remaining four to tell them that they would be doing a backyard design and it was a huge project with a $25,000 budget. Torie designated herself as the team leader for the project and then they looked at the huge dirt pile that was their design challenge.


Day 1

The first had ten hours for the team to work and get a design in process. Team leader, Antonio, then organized the team and started gathering the elements for the project…wait, Antonio isn’t the leader, Torie is but the girl said nothing. As usual, the guys were doing all of the grunt work while the girls went shopping. Sure, there is no sexism going on here! Conveniently, with all of the prep work done and a mere half an hour left, the girls arrive back to the project fresh as when they left.

Day 2

Torie gave Dan $5000 cash for his and Antonio’s shopping at the beginning of day two and Antonio was concerned that there was not enough for the pergola that they would need. The girls were spending like there was no tomorrow, as well, and you could tell that the budget was surely going to be blown…another first for HGTV Design Star.

Dan signed the contract for the pergola and the budget was indeed blown as spent over $5000 more than Torie had allotted, leaving Torie fuming that she would be blamed, no doubt. Torie crunched the numbers and said that they budget was blown by $5000.00. Antonio took Torie to task for her lack of leadership and it did not look good for Torie to explain herself out of this one.


Clive arrived and found out that the budget was blown and pulled an additional $5000.00 out of his pocket so the designers could buy furniture for the family

Day 3

The team was much more buoyant as they immediately went about spending the rest of the money that Clive had given them; well Torie did as the rest of the team went about doing the bulk of the work. Antonio led the charge to the end as poor Torie, you know the team leader, listened to Antonio for design influence. That girl is so going home, unless the clunky pergola sinks the whole design, then it is bye-bye Danny boy.

Day 4 and Elimination Day

The four were lined up and shot for going over budget summarily ending this season of HGTV Design Star. Well, not quite so drastic, but we got to see the hosting of each of the designers on display once again and Torie had so disconnected herself from the project that she refuse to take any part in the actual blame for any part of the project. Probably if had turned out better, that would not be the case.


Loved Antonio and Lonnie with their hosting, Torie and Dan, not so much. The judges did appreciate the fact that they completed the project but thought that it was a lot of shopped stuff and not as much design as they would have loved to see. Candice Olson even said that there was no “Ahh-Ha†moment in the yard. The pergola became a huge sticking point and it was evident that Torie was going to suffer for it, but would the judges make her pay in the end.

The judges went back and forth about the budget item and it looked as though Dan and Torie were looking to be in the crosshairs of the judges, especially since the pergola was not that impressive.


Clive called out Antonio and Lonnie as safe and then said that Dan or Torie were in trouble. The budget was a huge issue and Dan was chastised for spending the cash but in the end, Torie took the hit for being a bad leader and it is definitely looking like a Antonio/Lonnie finale unless Dan does something spectacular.

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HGTV Design Star: Designers Have Fun In Kid’s Rooms

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HGTV Design Star is down to the final five designers and not only will the designers be working with tough customers, Kids, but their hosting styles will be on display as the judges begin the decision process as to who will be their next co-worker onHGTV. Each designer will start playing to the judges with their own style, and, at this point, you have got to love Antonio as one of the most passionate designers in the competition.

HGTV Host, Clive Pearse, gave the designers their next challenge and you could tell that several of the designers did not look forward to playing with the kids, but play they must. The designers were individuals and the funniest line was from Antonio when he said that he had never had a kid as a client but has had clients who acted like kids.


Lonnie got a seventeen year old boy who was into sports; Antonio got a five year old boy who was clueless as to what he wanted; Dan got a an eleven year old girl who wanted an eco-friendly room; Jason got a seventeen year old girl who desired a girly-escape room and Torie got an eight year old who was looking for an artist loft. The good thing about kids, especially younger ones, they just need something different and they will be excited.

Day 1 â 10 Hours Left

A $5000 budget and a carpenter was waiting each designer and the designers seemed to have a clear purpose, but execution was looking shaky with a few of them.


Lonnie seemed to be out of her element with the sports room and Jason’s carpenter was not working out and then fired his carpenter.

Lonnie had a shock when she thought that the carpet was covering a wood floor but discovered that half the floor was just plywood. You gotta love a great work ethic that some carpenter did.

Day 2 â 10 hours left

The designers all got a visit fromHGTV Design Star winner, David Bromstad, who questioned their vision and wow factor for each of their designs.


Lonnie sports-inspired room seemed to be the most clueless and had no real wow-factor, to speak of.

Dan’s eco-friendly room was all over the place.

Lorrie’s artist loft was not looking very lofty.

Antonio’s room was the most creative as his dinosaur-inspired room was the most ambitious.


Jason’s shopping was bizarre, but maybe it will look all good together. Additionally, the colors he was looking for seemed so bland and he was having trouble finding everything else for the room. Then he started to cry. No, really, he started to cry.

Day 3 â Two Hours Left Before Elimination

Lonnie and Jason seemed not so confident in finishing, Dan thought he was in better shape than he thought; Antonio seemed to have it all together and Torie was unsure. The hosting was crucial and all of the designers knew that personality would be key.

The Elimination Room

Antonio was first to host and he was rough in hosting but had a clever room for the five year old; The judges were OK with his design and hosting, even with Candice Olson calling him the “Tony Soprano” of Design.


Torie’s room was interesting and she did not do as good a job at hosting as I would have thought. The judges thought her a bit stiff and they were not that crazy about the design either.

Jason’s design for his seventeen year old princess was a little too pink but Jason had some personality as he hosted, at least. The judges loved his personality but hated the room. Vern called it a “Real Bummer” and Candice said she was having trouble with the before and after.

Lonnie’s sport room turned out pretty good, even with all of her troubles and her hosting had a bit more pep too. The judges loved her room


Dan’s eleven year old eco-friendly room at least had a concept that seemed to flow and he was really pretty good as a host and his client was pleased. The judges were impressed with Dan’s design but were not pleased with his headboard.

The Judges Decision

As usual, we could not tell who the three judges were dissing the most but we know that none of the rooms were extraordinary in the eyes of the judges but Lonnie and Antonio seemed to probably be OK. Clive called them back in and immediately told Antonio and Lonnie they were safe. Dan, Torie and Jason were in the hot seat. Clive called Dan a stiff host, Torie’s design was bland but Jason’s inability to really make a change in his client’s room sent him home, which was how it should have been.

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Win A HGTV Design Star Prize Pack

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HGTV Design Star is giving away a great prize pack just for you! It includes HGTV Book, 12-pack cooler, T-shirt, Flashlight, Multi-purpose tool, Sunshade, Umbrella, Travel Mug, Nightlight, visor, desk drawer cube and sling bag. To enter click here!

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HGTV Design Star Salutes The Military In Their Designs

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HGTV Design Star is fast getting us to the place where we have a finale. Heck, last week we lost two of the designers, well, one was a designer, the other one probably didn’t deserve to be there at all. With that all being said, it was time for the latest in reality competition trends where a challenge is done for a military, police or firefighter’s family, which are always cool challenges to watch.

Tonight’s episode gives us two military families who are in desperate need of a living room makeover. Simple enough, right? Maybe, but when you have six giant design-egos, there is bound to be trouble in them there hills.


Clive had the designers meet him at Applebee’s, who wanted some PR time, I guess, as they sponsored the makeovers. I guess the teams were going to use Applebee menu items or something in their designs,or maybe not. The teams were Nathan, Lonnie and Jason for the Maldonado family and Dan, Torie and Antonio made up the Olson family team. Of course, both teams had military houses to deal with, which meant small, outdated spaces. The teams then headed to the houses to see what they had to design for.

Immediately, Torie and Antonio had color issues and Antonio said that clients choose designers to do rooms for them with color because they are usually color challenged and Torie, not wanting to step out of her comfort zone, said that if her clients want brown walls then that is what she would do. Uhh, Torie, Antonio is so right on this one. I bet Candice Olson would never just paint someone’s walls brown.


Antonio and Nathan were the designated shoppers for their teams and it was good to see Antonio not just relegated to building stuff for once. When Antonio came back, again Torie flipped out when the tan paint was conveniently missing. Lonnie became the building wench as she gripped about spending too much time, well, building stuff needed for the room.

As day one came to a close, the tension between Dan, Antonio and Torie was boiling to the top as everyone was still obsessing about the tan paint tat Antonio effused to buy for the family room for the Olson’s and finally Antonio said, “Fine, you guys just go shopping and I will build stuff.” Torie then finally went shopping and it looked like trouble.

Jason was off shopping for the Maldonado family design and Nathan and Lonnie were at each other’s throats as Lonnie was still hacked off about having to help Nathan with his furniture design. Torie was hell bent on filling as much brown as she could fit into the room for the Olson’s.


As day two finished, neither of the rooms looked as though they were even close to being done and the details that needed to be done seemed to be overwhelming. To top it off, the tensions between Torie and Antonio had not improved and Jason thought his team mates had dropped the ball was well.

Day three gave the teams two hours to complete the rooms and it looked as though both teams were so screwed. The Maldonado team looked as though they were not going to complete a desk that the family had asked for and as time ended, Host Clive Pearse told the designers that he would see them in the elimination room.


Team Maldonado first stepped forward and the room actually looked pretty put together when it was all said and done. The judges were not excited about the rooms as it was not as contemporary as what the family wanted. Vern was not so excited about Nathans big furniture design and was concerned about the time spent on the piece. It looked as though this room was not impressing at all but the clients, not knowing any better, liked it.

Team Olson was next to be racked over the coals by the judges and the color issue once again reared its ugly head as Antonio and Torie just could not let it go. Antonio was firm in his commitment to not be so tan-inclined. Vern so agreed with Antonio and the other judges agreed with the way the room turned out. The room was a huge hit for the judges and for The Olson family, as well.


The judges then went about judging and, as usual, we could not tell who they were dissing and who was safe, although the Olson room came out much better and was more liked by the judges. Clive called team Olson out first and deemed safe. Team Maldonado was called out and Lonnie was immediately deemed safe, leaving Nathan and Jason in the hot seat.

In the end, Nathan’s inexperience in time management sunk him and sent his show into early cancelation and we learned that kids would be the next victims for the five remaining designers next week, which should be maddening.

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HGTV Design Star And A Double Elimination

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HGTV Design Star blows into week four with a rumored double-elimination as redesign of two garages was on the agenda in tonight’s episode. With a tight budget of $10,000 and a mere 20 hours to complete the task, we will probably look forward to some unfinished elements of the design which will probably send one or more of the designers home and leave the judges frowning in disgust. Of course, the usual drama inevitably will accompany the project and it should prove interesting to see who is grace under pressure.

We have seen three designer’s show get cancelled due to bad “home” design, i.e. the one they were living in, bad “kitchen” design, where one team didn’t even finish, and bad “white room with nothing in it but a couch and a table” design, so tonight’s garage redesign should be a piece of cake, right? Well, probably not so much.


HGTV Design Star host, Clive Pearse, greeted the eight remaining designers for the garage makeover and let me hear one more time somebody whining about being picked last for a team and I swear I am going to wallpaper them all. Designers are an egotistical bunch anyway, but being picked last is not an indication of your design ability, well, except for Tashica; that girl has almost been eliminated three weeks in a row. OK, I take back the wallpaper remark, I guess.

OK, Clive did indeed say that it was a double elimination and then sent the teams off to meet their clients. Jany, Antonio, Torie and Jason had a pretty ambitious goal with the Caswell garage and were anxious to meet their client’s desires, although the clients were very ambitious. The Lang garage team of Dan, Nathan and Lonnie were totally not in sync with Tashica, who noticed that she did not seem to be listened to and was copping an attitude already.


Poor Antonio was once again doing all of the grunt work for his team but did have the other team members finally getting confident with some power tools enough to pitch in. Over in the Lang garage, the argument over the garage door was driving me crazy and should have been replaced, but the designers decided to nix that idea.

Day 2 – Ten Hours of Design Time

Day 2 found he designers with ten hours of work ahead and neither team feeling comfortable with their progress. Lonnie and Nathan were off to shop for their designs as were Jany and Torie for their team. Torie was griping that Jany was a mill-stone around her neck while shopping and back at the Lang garage, Tashica was holding Dan back with her inability to build anything as she continues to show why she will never win this show. At the end of Day 2, the Caswell garage looked pretty good but the Lang garage left a lot to be desired with two hours to finish the next day.


DAY 3 – Two Hours Left

The Lang garage was in big trouble and the Caswell garage was a disaster and didn’t look like it was going to be finished, even to the point that with an hour left, the Lang garage crew said they were not going to be able to assemble one of the elements the family wanted; a piece of exercise equipment. Dan’s team did not finish their garage completely but the Caswell garage was completely done with all of the design elements completed.

The Elimination Room

Judges Candice Olson, Vern Yip and Genevieve Gorder were ready to give the teams a smack-down with their design critique and Team Caswell was first to be spotlighted. The Caswell’s loved their garage design and the colors of the design. The Caswell’s did not seem to mind that the elliptical machine was not put together as they were admiring the other design elements of the redesign, including a new garage door. Candice said the space looked predictable ad Vern did not see the sophisticated feel that the clients wanted. Genevieve loved the floors that Antonio did but questioned the height of the wainscoting.


Team Lang stepped forward for their bitch-slapping that they would inevitability be getting. The Lang’s were fairly impressed but said that it was not what they thought but were not pleased that they did not get a new garage door. Tashica stepped up and said that she wanted a new garage door but the other designers said that it was not true. The judges pretty much hated the room but Genevieve said she appreciated the warmth of the room. Vern questioned Tashica’s input as to what she did in the room and said that he wondered why they keep having her back week after week. She is so going home.

In a rare confab, the judges didn’t even have the designers leave the room before telling Tashica that she was history and then the other designers were sent to the green room as the judges deliberated who else would be going. The designers started nit-picking at each other as the judges reamed several designers but we didn’t know who was being trashed.


The designers stepped back into the room for the dramatic “Your show has been cancelled” remark from Clive as he had them step forward for the decision. First up were Antonio and Dan and were both announced as safe. Lonnie, Jason and Torrie were said that none of them took the lead but they were moving on. Jany and Nathan were left and Jani was called uninspiring and Nathan was said to have more ideas than execution. In the end, Jany was sent packing because she was too predictable in her overall design style.

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